ProStar Dental Services

What We Offer

If you are looking to remodel or buildout a new dental office, ProStar Dental can assist you with navigating through the process to ensure your new equipment install goes in smoothly. ProStar Dental has a network of Contractors, Designers, Electrician, Plumbers, and IT companies that we can refer to help out so the process isn’t so overwhelming. Help is just a phone call/email away. Contact us to see how we can help.

ProStar Dental offers a wide range of large and small equipment for dental practices of any budget. ProStar Dental will help with selecting the right equipment for the size of your practice, buying process, installation, and yes, we will be there for assistance POST installation.

Prostar Dental recognizes that every practice have different budgets or their current circumstances does not allow for new equipment purchases. Therefore, we offer Used/Refurbished equipments to fill the needs of these practices.

  • Used Equipment is classified by Prostar Dental as equipments we take in that are in pretty good shape, does not need a whole lot of work, and are pretty much ready for resale. Without having to invest a lot into repairing used equipments, we can pass more savings on to the Dental Practices.
  • Refurbished Equipments are classified as used equipments that comes in that we fully rebuild. Refurbished equipments will have all major components replaced and to look as new as if it had just came out of the box from the manufacture. Refurbished equipments will typically be a little more than Used equipments and will have a longer warranty.

Whether your dental equipment is acting up or it just needs maintenance, please contact us. Even if someone says, "our equipment is 'DEAD',” call us anyways - it never hurts to get a second opinion.

  • Flat Hourly Service Rate: $135.00/hour (We only charge for the time we are there, so if we are there for only 30 minutes, that’s all you will be charged. AWESOME, right?)
  • Equipment Disconnect: STARTING AT $250 per Operatory and up, depending on equipments and where they are being relocated to.
  • Reconnect or Installation: STARTING AT $350.00 per Operatory and up, depending on equipment and where the equipment is located.
  • Equipment Move: Please call for quote.
  • Re-upholstery: Please call for a quote.
  • Handpiece Repairs: Please call for a quote.